RABBITS & BUNNIES: make it a good hare day

RABBITS & BUNNIES: make it a good hare day

Spring is here with this old globe angling us to catch more of the sun. Spring could not have come at a better time. Let's start here by celebrating the plump, perky-eared ones who put a smile on our face.

"Consider the bunny - God's cockeyed creation patently purposed for pure decoration," writes the poet.

We do consider the  bunny, the hare, and the rabbit as Gump's has always cherished artists whose works are well-known to add color and beauty - like Spring itself - to our homes. Not to mention the twinkle in our eye and the knowing smile when observing a cockeyed creation.

Rabbit & Cherry Blossoms by Judi Vaillancourt

"Rabbit & Cherry Blossoms" is a Gump's exclusive from famed artist Judi Vaillancourt. Hand painted details of the Rabbit perched on a half-egg-shaped base covered with cherry blossoms coordinate with another cherry blossom on its tail.

Painted in Massachusetts, Vaillancourt Folk Art was set up in 1984 by Judi, a classically trained artist with a passion for antiques. She combined the Victorian art form known as chalkware with vintage confectionary molds used to form candy, ice cream, and chocolates. Starting with the three antique chocolate molds that her husband, Gary, had given her for Christmas, Judi experimented with how figures could be revived from vintage forms and appeal to our taste for small-scale sculpture.

Vaillancourt's own process developed by pouring liquid chalk into these molds, then applying her fine-art skills to the resulting three dimensional canvas. Considered a contemporary chalkware art, figures like Santas and rabbits were quick to be acquired when featured at Folk Art craft fairs around the country. Gump's is pleased to offer her figures online.


Four Bunnies Hoisting Delft Egg by Judi Vaillancourt


Artist Judi Vaillancourt



 Limoges, France

Vive le lapin!

Is the charm quotient for rabbits and bunnies from Limoges enhanced by the fact that they are hand painted with a Gallic eye that endows them with French allure? Judge for yourself!

Bunnies on Carrot, Limoges, France


The Carrot opens to reveal a version of the Lover's Knot.

Miniature masterpieces, Limoges boxes known as bonbonnieres are treasures to be touched. These charming hinged containers derive from an earlier snuff box tradition and later were a decorative enclosure for little sweets and other bibelots.

Limoges porcelain dates back to the late 18th century. The kaolin clay found in the region made Limoges one of the important centers for making hard-paste porcelain, which is fired at high temperature and a luminous finish results, perfect for decoration, Capitalizing on the availability of the kaolin clay, boutique porcelain factories opened in the area surrounding Limoges.

At Gump's, we continue a long tradition of offering only the finest examples of this quintessential French art form.



The art of hand painting remains a vibrant tradition in Limoges enhancing the details unique to every creation.