Holiday Candles & Candleholders

26 results
Small Cypres Candle
Mille Nuits Votive, Gold
Giambattista Valli Candle
Discus Votive
Ernesto Classic Christmas Candle
Silverplate Menorah
3-Wick Scented Candle
Echo Lake Hurricane, Medium
Gilded Black Olive Votive
Medium Cypres Candle
Gold Parterre Lidded Candle
Classic Candle
Gabriel Classic Christmas Candle
Pyramid Candles, Set of 50
Ivory Fluted Dining Candles, Box of 12
Echo Lake Hurricane, Small
Large Cypres Candle
Angels Red Candleholder
Cubes Crystal Candleholder, Medium
Twisted Crystal Candlestick, Small
Prestige Cypres Candle
Abd El Kader Classic Christmas Candle
Cubes Crystal Candleholder, Large
Arch Makers with Smoker House
Frequency Hurricane Medium
Twisted Crystal Candlestick, Large