'Reflecting Elegance' Painting

This Utah impressionist is pleased to be a part of the longstanding tradition of plein air artists. Much like Monet, Sargent and his own father Kent Wallis, Sean is perpetually in pursuit of fleeting moments and the ever-changing relationship between light and color. He paints scenes from his daily life, things he holds most dear, such as this peaceful lake scene. His palette is one of rich, vibrant colors that he applies with a loose brush and knife to create a highly textured surface. As he prefers to finish a painting on site, there’s often very little left for him to do once the work is back in the studio with the exception of a few tweaks of color correction. “I paint because I enjoy it and because it makes me happy. I want to share that energy and joy with others.” Oil on Canvas. 36" x 24" (framed: 43" x 31"). Signed by the artist. 2019.
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