Serving Trays

44 results
Oval Tray with Handles
Vertigo Handled Rectangular Tray
Vertigo Tray
Soulmate Tray Small
Graffiti Tray
Gold Leaf Dish Small
Vertigo Round Tray
Wine and Bar Serving Tray
Acrylic Malachite Tray with Brass Handles, Small
Oriente Italiano Vide Poche, Large Square Azalea
Oriente Italiano Vide Poche, Lg Square Albus
Oriente Italiano Vide Poche, Lg Square Iris
Oriente Italiano Vide Poche, Lg Square Malachite
Kiva Crystal & Gold Platter
Sol Rectangular Tray
Venise Rectangular Tray
Heritage Large Crystal-Handled Tray
Bernadotte Etagere
Butterflies Acrylic Vanity Tray
Campagne Platter
Anemone-Belle Epoque Tray
Coco Mirrored Bar Tray, Large
Crystal Banana Leaf Plate
Dapper Sage Acrylic Tray
Fox Butter Dish
Porcupine Butter Dish
Rabbit Butter Dish
Deer Butter Dish
Deer Platter
Eaux D'Or Rectangular Tray
Jardin Indien Rectangular Tray
Marie-Antoinette Large Ribbon Heart Tray
Mood Party Tray
Passion Intenso Acrylic Tray
Revol Assiette Presentation Plate, Gold
Revol Assiette Presentation Plate, Silver
44 results