Barbara Heinrich

A delicate balance between hard geometric lines and flowing organic shapes, Barbara Heinrich jewelry pieces require skilled hand burnishing and highlighting to execute her signature details.

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Barbara Heinrich: Designer and Maker

Each piece of wearable art begins as an image or drawing, then transforms into a hand fabricated piece directly in her studio. Explore Heinrich’s rich textures and surface contrasts, and indulge in a timeless piece that will delight for years to come.

  • The Early Years

    Born in Germany, this award-winning designer is renowned for her stunning one-of-a-kind creations in hand-textured gold, diamonds and colorful gemstones.

  • Cultivating Her Craft

    Handcrafted in her New York studio, each piece requires skilled burnishing and highlighting to execute the exquisite details that make her jewelry so remarkable.

  • Jewelry As Art

    Barbara believes that picking the right gem creates a dialogue between the wearer and the piece. This harmony of colorful stones with brushed gold forms the foundation for all her designs.

"I have come to realize that creating jewelry is a spiritual activity for me. It takes intense concentration of a special kind - an inner listening and seeing to conceive these gifts of jewelry in their entirety and purity. It's like going to a secret garden: a place in consciousness where great things of beauty and grace exist. These pieces are gifts that speak to the beauty and nobility present in all people and come from a place where art, beauty, joy, grace and love are absolute realities."

-Barbara Heinrich