Meet Ann

Always chic, always interesting, Ann is that instantly recognizable tastemaker.
Odds are you’ve seen her about the town or across the pages of your favorite magazine – she’s quite the social fixture, you know?  And her parties... legendary.
Ann’s dinner parties are always wondrous and fabulous occasions.  She’s known for her masterful hosting – able to pull together a crowd that’s as lively and well-travelled as her wardrobe, without as much as a thought.  Truly, she makes everything look effortless.
Rumors will always swirl around her.  Some claim she was a muse who swung through London with a certain rock band, others swear she invented Studio 54, while others talk of her training at Le Cordon Bleu - which would explain her impeccable Boeuf Bourguignon, no?  But to us, she is Ann, exceptional in every way.