Bluetooth Speaker & Light

What looks like a bird in a birdcage is actually a speaker and a source of ambient light that can be easily paired with your devices. Its high-quality sound performance is created by the woofer and tweeter drivers in its design. The low frequency woofer speaker in the base emits sound waves that are reflected by the bird’s ceramic tail. Combined with the sound waves from the tweeter in the bird’s body, and the result is a surprisingly wide-reaching stereo effect. The porcelain bird is formed from molds and fired in traditional kilns by master craftsmen; its design, Hwamei, refers to the bird of luck in Chinese folk tales while its elegant pure white color is a sign of nobility. Entirely handcrafted, from the metal cage structure to the acacia wood base. Bluetooth-enabled. Battery-operated (included). 3-way dimmer light. 7" diam. x 11"H.
SKU: 861263 WH