Swans: Legends of the Jet Society book

Once the epitome of soigné worldly glamour, the words 'jet set' conjure images of exotic global destinations and golden beaches; clandestine rendezvous on opulent yachts; star-studded parties in palatial mansions, the women in couture gowns and glittering jewels, the men in debonair tuxedos. Swans: Legends of the Jet Society captures the spirit of this world, in which today’s technology was the stuff of science fiction, when foreign travel was the preserve of a privileged cosmopolitan few. From bygone aristocracy to modern mega-wealthy moguls, this stunning volume regales with escapades of travel, money and adventure.

  • Includes 200 images.
  • Hardcover in a slipcase.
  • 296 pages.
  • 10 3/4" x 13 3/4".
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