Linda Lillegraven, 'Change in the Weather'

Linda Lillegraven was on the path to becoming a scientist and had already earned multiple degrees in Zoology and Biology. All of that changed, however, during a summer spent doing research in an isolated corner of Utah. She realized she was meant to be an artist “when all the scientists looked at the landscape and thought of research, and I just wanted to paint it.” So she moved to Wyoming, where the open vistas of the West offered Lillegraven endless inspiration. The harsh climate, expansive wilderness and changing light are challenging to paint. “It is difficult to paint the prairie because the air is thin, the light is hard, and the transitions of color and tone are so subtle as to be almost invisible, she told an interviewer from Southwest Art. After decades creating Wyoming landscapes such as Change in the Weather, Lillegraven still strives to include a minimal amount of detail while simultaneously giving the viewer a sense of space. Oil on Linen. 18" x 24" (framed: 20" x 26"). Signed by the artist. 2019.

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