'Balancing Act' Sculpture

Lisa Gordon’s bronze sculptures breathe new life into an often cliché historical subject by showing the powerful creatures precariously poised in whimsical positions, a metaphor for the human experience that demonstrates the balance between having fun and giving life purpose. The pathos seen in Gordon’s sculptures arose from the intrinsic love of caring for her childhood horse and a new appreciation for life resulting from a serious illness at the age of 24 that left her paralyzed and on life support. The traumatic experience, from which she’s fully recovered, gave her a new-found sense of urgency. Gordon completed her MFA at California State University, and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993. Beside the actual pouring, every step of the process of casting is done herself, including the 14-foot-tall Career Moves on permanent exhibition in Loveland, CO. Gordon enjoys what she calls “sketches” of small bronze sculptures, created without a mold, such as Balancing Act. Bronze. No. 4 in edition of 12. 22" x 14". Signed by the artist. 2018.
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