Pewter Rose Wax Stamp

This rose seal comes with two sticks of red wax in a presentation box — the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the art of letter-writing. Made of solid hand-cast, hand-finished pewter, it's handcrafted in France by family who have passed down their craft for six generations. To create a seal, simply melt the wax over a candle flame by turning the stick of wax rapidly. Once melted, pour the wax onto the chosen support, dip the seal in cold water and press it gently into the wax. Once the wax has solidified, you can gently remove the seal.

  • Hand-cast, hand-finished pewter.
  • Features one rose stamp with two sticks of red wax.
  • Handmade in France.
  • Seal: 1 3/4"H.
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