Pamela Froman

Pamela Froman’s soulful expressions come through in brightly colored gemstones; her love of texture the result of a special technique she calls ‘crushed.’ With the firm belief that jewelry is more beautiful as it becomes part of a person’s essence, she designs extraordinary pieces that are handmade and one of a kind.

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“I believe that the more a piece is worn, the more beautiful it is — because it becomes part of the person’s essence. Two people can wear the same piece and it will have a different look or give off a different aura.”

-Pamela Froman

Pamela Froman’s Definition of ‘Crush’

crush adjective

\ ˈkrəsh \


crushable \ ˈkrə-​shə-​bəl

1. Loveable.  2. Collectible. 3. Worthy of being passed down for generations. 4. Whimsical  5. Edgy. 6. Soulful. 7. Precious. 8. Distinctive.  9. Unique.  10. Timeless.


crush verb

crushed; crushing; crushes

1. Combining various techniques of distressing metal to create a subtly textured finish.

“I like to think that if my jewelry were someday discovered in an old buried treasure chest, it would stand the test of time, much like the antiquities of the great civilizations do today.”

-Pamela Froman