Collection: Handblown Glass Ornaments

Discover our exceptional mouthblown glass ornaments, delightful creations handcrafted, painted and decorated by skilled artisans in Poland and Germany.

Get Blown Away by Glass Ornaments 

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Poland and Germany, our mouthblown glass ornaments blend Old World style with modern day sensibilities and sophistication. The process is fascinating: ornaments are individually blown into a metal mold, coated inside with silver to enhance their radiant glow, and then intricately handpainted and decorated to achieve the finished look. The uncompromising quality results in an heirloom piece that’s showcased on trees year after year. From dog and cat-inspired silhouettes to ornaments that celebrate favorite hobbies and foods and drinks, there is no shape that’s too imaginative for these craftsman. Looking for more classic options this season? Browse our suite of ball, glass and crystal ornaments as well. Or, shop the entire holiday collection for seasonal inspiration—there’s something for every room in the house.