Faux Florals

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Ranunculus & Hydrangea Wreath
Anemone Thistle Bouquet
Cascading Orchids
Sunrise Tulips
Ranunculus & Orchids in Glass Vase
Calla Lilies in Glass Vase
Paradise Tulips
Red Roses in Glass Vase
Peonies in Julep Cup
Pastel Peonies in Glass Vase
Peony And Rose In Cream Cache Pot
Peony Bouquet in Glass Vase
White Hydrangeas in Glass Vase
Mixed Roses in Vase
Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass, 13 Inch
Rose & Hydrangea Bouquet
Garden Roses in Vase
Oncidium Orchid in Jar
Tulips in Glass Vase
Josephine Peony & Rose Garden in Vase
Fiddle Leaf in Vase
Magnolias in Ceramic Pot
Roses in Crystal Glass Vase
Phalaenopsis in Slim Glass Vase
Macdougallii in Square Vase
Atherton Amaryllis
Orchid in Rose-Trellised Cachepot
Hydrangea Snowball Wreath
Hydrangeas in Glass Vase
Mixed Florals in Cutout Ceramic Bowl
Pasadena Tulips
Mixed Succulent in Crete Bowl
Phalaenopsis Orchids in Glass Vase
Montecito Tulips
Magnolia Centerpiece
Hudson Tulips
104 results

Faux Floral Arrangements: An Evergreen Essential

Everlasting and effortless, our collection of faux floral arrangements bring the essence of being outdoors into your home. Bask in the beauty of these unique arrangements as each petal is poised to perfection, just the way nature intended. Discover our faux floral arrangements made for all seasons—from the crisp air that welcomes festive wreaths and garlands, to the warm summer days that bring stunning floral blooms. 

If you long for the alluring aroma of fresh arrangements, explore our selection of home fragrances like potpourris and sachets or diffusers and sprays, and indulge in an elegant blend of natural scents from brands like elizabethW and Agraria. Looking for elegant dinner and serveware to complement your new faux floral arrangements or centerpiece? Shop our full entertaining suite for more tabletop inspiration.