Pearls of Wisdom

Discover why these lustrous gems have found an enduring place among icons of style, and why they have graced jewelry cases at Gump’s for more than a century.

Rock On

Discover our distinctive and timeless statement rings made with fine gemstones and precious metals. Our renowned collections include one-of-a-kind creations as well as innovative works of art by today’s top jewelry designers, such as these cocktails rings by Frank Ancona.

Gump's is Back!

We’re delighted to welcome you back to the new—an extension of the experience we’re creating
at our home at 250 Post Street in San Francisco. Times may have changed, but we still believe in the endearing charm of Gump’s and its enduring commitment to quality.

Buddha is Back!

Gump's iconic Buddha has seen it all and stands as a shining testament to our rich history and love of faraway treasures. Rediscover the larger than life legend when it lands at The San Francisco Airport for a limited stay - it's (still) not for sale, but it's perfect for selfies.