Collection: Lunar New Year

We’ve curated an inspiring collection of gifts and décor in celebration of the Year of the Tiger. Capturing the essence of this majestic creature, our distinctive selection includes handcrafted porcelain collectibles, crystal figures and more. Chinese New Year begins on February 1.


Happy Year of the Tiger

In celebration of the Chinese astrological Year of the Tiger, the imposing and majestic creature appears in our Lunar New Year collection of extraordinary gifts and décor — as only Gump’s can offer. Carefully curated, our selection includes this powerful and graceful feline captured in handmade crystal and porcelain by such legendary brands as Lalique, Baccarat and Halcyon Days. And no special occasion would be complete without a representation of handpainted Limoges boxes — some with delightful surprises hidden inside. According to Buddhist tradition, one of 12 animals presides over each lunar year — it is believed that we share some of the same personality traits with the animal of our birth year. Those born under the sign of the tiger are believed to be brave, solitary and proud.