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Floral Porcelain Egg Music Box, White
12-Piece Nativity Limoges Box Set with Wood Stable
Graduate  Owl with diploma removable Limoges Box
2022 Year of the Tiger Limoges
Golden Buddha Limoges
Candy Box of Love Limoges
71 results

Fall in Love with Limoges Boxes

Handcrafted and collected worldwide, limoges boxes are small porcelain trinkets produced in Limoges, France. First created in the mid-18th century, the original limoges boxes were intended to hold everyday items, but evolved to carry things like thimbles, embroidery scissors, makeup powder, and snuff, as well as precious keepsakes like locks of hair and small poems. Since then, limoges boxes have taken on brilliant, eclectic new shapes to commemorate holidays, special occasions, or a collector’s unique interests—perfect for catching a house guests’ attention and sparking interesting conversation.

Creating limoges boxes is a labor of love that begins with shaping the perfect master mold and using clay native to Limoges, France. Once molded, they are then hand painted, fired multiple times, and glazed. Unique to limoges boxes, the final firing takes place at 1400C which gives them their lustrous finish. Finally, each box is fitted with a small metal hinge for easy opening and closing. 

As the hallmark of French culture for centuries, limoges boxes continue to be a prized piece for many collectors. Others also cherish collectibles such as figurines from luxury brands and designers like Baccarat and Herend, or delightful dolls from Steiff. Find other ways to adorn your home and build your collection of heirlooms by exploring our entire collection of home decor.