'Sun and Moon' Sculptures

Amy Laugesen is a Colorado-based sculptor known for her modern-day equine “relics” that span from large-scale commissioned public artworks to small mixed-media treasures. Primarily working with ceramics, Laugesen has mastered techniques to create works that look ancient, drawing from Eastern and Western clay sculpting traditions, and a variety of glazing methods to achieve the unique color of each sculpture. Of the work, Laugesen shares, “Sun and Moon is connected to mythology—the mythology of both horses, like Pegasus, but also Gods or Goddesses from ancient Greece, Rome and Celtic traditions. Winged horses are said to connect heaven and earth, to pull the sun across the sky with a chariot of horses, or to rise with the sun to watch over the earth—depending on the culture. Sun and Moon features a combination of underglazes and commercial glazes to achieve the aged look.  I see the glazes that I use more like a patina on bronze, and I am really looking to combine them to evoke earlier civilizations.”

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