Gump's Buddha Jigsaw Puzzle

Made exclusively for Gump's, this jigsaw puzzle is a re-creation of a monumental Buddha that greeted customers inside the Gump’s San Francisco store for decades. The gilt-lacquered wood statue of the "Medicine Buddha" represents the Buddha of Healing and was created in 18th century China during the Qing dynasty. The most notable feature was its impressive scale: the graceful figure itself, at 172cm (68in) tall, was among the biggest of its kind; its 68.5cm (27in) pedestal further enhanced its overall magnificence. Based in Bridgton, Maine, Waterford Puzzles has been creating extraordinary jigsaw puzzles — hand-cut by skilled artisans — since 1987.

  • Made exclusively for Gump's.
  • 150 hand-cut wooden pieces.
  • 13" wide x 17" high.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
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