Paris Breakfast Tea Bags

This beautifully illustrated tin contains eight of Mazet's delicious specialties: Amandas, Framboizettes, Givrettes, Kaloudjas, Mazettes, Mirabos, Praslines and Passions Almonds. A master chocolatier and confectioner since 1903, the French brand is renowned for its fine handcrafted chocolates paired with ingredients such as dried fruit, nougatine, truffles and pistachios.

  • A blend of grand, flamboyant black teas that gives a smooth, round texture; a hint of China green tea unfurls at the end, freshening the palate.
  • Features notes of malted chocolate, tender vanilla and warm brioche and adorned by a sweet fruitiness not unlike candied tangerine.
  • Made in France.
  • 30 tea bags.
  • 75g.
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