Perfect Pencil, Black Edition

The pleasure of writing and drawing with a classic pencil depends a good deal on it being well-sharpened. With the Perfect Pencil, keeping it that way is never a problem, thanks to the sharpener built into the protective cap that also serves to extend the pencil when in use. With the replaceable eraser under the end cap, you have everything together in an ideally compact form and always ready for use: for writing, correcting, and sharpening. Graf von Faber-Castell reworks the legendary Faber-Castell's heritage products, bringing them up-to-date with timeless design and modern technology. Graf products embody the luxury of simplicity, a harmonious combination of selected materials, aesthetic looks, and a high degree of functionalism.

  • Pencil extender with PVD-coated titanium.
  • Finely fluted black pocket pencil.
  • Built-in sharpener.
  • Comes with B lead and eraser.
  • 6"L.
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