'Food or Foe' Sculpture

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1939, Gordon Gund was first known for his endeavors as a businessman and investor, including being the former owner of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers as well as a prominent philanthropist. But Gund’s true passion lies in his work as a sculptor, which he discovered in his thirties, a few years after he lost his sight from a retinal disease. “While with my eyes I can’t see the shapes I create, I feel them over and over again with my hands and my mind, and the result is in my mind forever,” reflects Gund. While the process takes Gund more time and patience without sight, his reality is reflected in bronze forms crafted with care and patience, their surfaces tactile and smooth. Of Food or Foe, Gund describes the form he envisioned: “...a red-tail hawk fledgling, first time out of the nest, perching precariously on a fence rail looking uncertainly at a movement in the field below.” Bronze. No. 4 in edition of 8. 10" x 13 1/2" x 15". 2015.
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