'Black Canyon #1' Acrylic on Canvas

After receiving her BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Heather Foster worked for several years in the field of painting conservation and restoration. “This fascinating field was like a hands-on graduate program,” she explains.  “I got to examine the work of famous painters up close.”  Now based in Santa Fe, Foster spends countless hours exploring wild terrain, splashing through creeks and climbing hills, often while clinging to the back of an ATV.  “I take tons of photos and then weave them together with my memories once I return to my studio.  I paint in acrylics and start each work with bold blocks of color to develop the composition.  I like to see the evidence of the thought process on the canvas itself...In order to keep the eye moving and to create depth, I prefer to vary the resolution of the upper layers, sometimes keeping an area loose with the underpainting showing through and sometimes bringing out more detail.”   In addition to her majestic canyon scenes like this one of the Black Canyon near Gunnison, CO, Heather has been painting an impressionistic and humorous series of cattle in which she reveals their personality through her skillfully wielded brush.
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