Layton Farmstead Oil on Artist Board

By the time he was a teenager, Simon Winegar knew he wanted to be an artist, something his family, especially his mother and his older artist brother, encouraged. Today the Utah-based painter seeks to create moods that are romantic and thought-provoking, and views of the world that run counter to the negative versions that are prevalent in today’s culture.  Winegar celebrates the natural beauty of the earth and prefers to paint on location as much as possible. Motivated by his childhood memories playing in his great-grandfather’s barn, he began painting barns, demonstrating that no two are alike. He explains, “Every person built his own barn, and it bears the mark of his personality. The variety reflects just how unique we all are.” Winegar’s homage to the humble barn, many of which are decayed or in disrepair, has resonated with many collectors, becoming his most popular subject.

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