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"Les Aigrettes" Large High Vase

Emaux de Longwy

"Les Aigrettes" Neo Vase

Emaux de Longwy

"My Love" Heart Pendant Limoges
'A Friend with Chocolate' Tray
'Balancing Act' Sculpture

Lisa Gordon

'Ben Hogan's Five Lessons' Leather Bound Book
'Black Canyon #1' Acrylic on Canvas

Heather Foster

'Cool Love' Mug


'Darling Wife...' Enamel Box

Halcyon Days

'Dogs' Enamel Box
'Eloise' Leather Bound Book
'Food or Foe' Sculpture

Gordon Gund

'Freedom' Mug


'George Washington Coin' Enamel Box
'Happy Birthday' Enamel Box

Halcyon Days

'How the Angel Got His Eleven Dots' Book
'I Left My Heart in San Francisco' Tray
'Kisses' Mug


'Laugh Often' Paperweight

Bernard Maisner

'Liquid Sunset' Print

Tom Korologos

'Live Well' Paperweight

Bernard Maisner

'Martini Field Guide' Leather Bound Book
'Mom' Heart Vase
'Mother Everything I Am...' Enamel Box
'Mount Rushmore' Enamel Box

Halcyon Days

'Mr & Mrs' Enamel Box

Halcyon Days

'Reach' Print

Sandra Lee Kaplan

'Reach' Print


'Reflecting Elegance' Painting

Sean Wallis

'Resting Avocets' Painting

Ewoud De Groot

'Riva Aquarama Special' Model Boat
'Single Malt Scotch' Leather Bound Book
'Sun and Moon' Sculptures

Amy Laugesen

'Take a Shot,' Set of 6


'Thanks a Bunch' Note Cards, Set of 8
'The Classic Tale of Peter Rabbit'
'The Gospel According to Coco Chanel'
3146 results